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Is there financing available?

Yes, finance options are available and approved based on many factors. Ask for a Finance Application to get started.

When will my machine be delivered?

Machines are delivered within 6 weeks from the day you make your payment and return your delivery form.

How do I pay for my machine?

You will receive an invoice from Stripe to pay for your machine.

How much will the machine cost?

Our machines start at $10,000.00. Pricing depends on the machine type, quantity, if the machine is already placed in a location, etc.

What happens when my machine is delivered?

Your machine will be transported from the truck to its destination. Once it arrives your machine will be taken out of its packaging and plugged in.

How much is shipping to deliver my machine?

Shipping is included in the overall price of your machine! There are no surprise fees associated with your purchase.

Do you share financial reports with potential buyers?

Since we are not a franchise, we do not share any financial reports from our existing machines to potential machine owners. Once a machine is sold, all of the data belongs to that machine owner.

Do you help with finding a location for machines?

Although finding a location is the responsibility of the machine owner, we do have corporate partnerships with international companies that machines can be placed at. We also have location leads around the country. Once you pay for your machine, we will share that information with you but we cannot guarantee placement.

Do you offer location exclusivity?

Yes, if you would like to have location exclusivity, i.e a city, state, a specific location; please email [email protected] for more details.

Do you offer in-person training on the machines?

Yes, once your purchase a machine and attend our virtual training, we do offer in-person training on a BabyVend machine.

Do I have to have a business license to purchase a BabyVend machine?

We do not require you to have a business license to purchase a BabyVend machine.

Are there royalties or profit splits with BabyVend and the machine owners?

No, once you purchase your machine, 100% of the profits belong to you!

What products do we recommend go into our machine?

Products in our machines are catered to the whole family and are age appropriate with competitive market prices customized to the machine's location.

When is training offered?

Training is offered multiple times per month. You will get the official training dates once payment is received for your machine. You will also receive access to our Resource Folder full of templates, tips and more to be successful in your new vending machine business.

Is BabyVend a Franchise?

No, BabyVend is not a franchise. Although you will have plenty of support from our staff, we created a business that is flexible to your ideas and customizable to your area!

Where do I get products from for my machine?

You can purchase your products directly from BabyVend's headquarters. The items from our headquarters will be packaged to fit into your machine. You also have the options to purchase products from other suppliers, local small businesses, etc. Since we are not a franchise, you have many options when purchasing products.

What happens if my machine has an issue, or I need help?

Tech support is available by filling out a help ticket. This can be completed via email or by leaving a voice message which will returned no later than the next business day. You can also schedule dedicated tech time with a BabyVend staff. We also have created a resource library filled with various machine troubleshooting topics to further assist you on site.

Is there more than one way to make money with a BabyVend machine?

Yes, there are many ways you can earn money with your BabyVend machine! You can sell items from your machine and you can sell ad space to other companies and more.

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